Your journal is ready to publish. That’s great. We have a few questions for you to answer to determine if you are ready to publish.


Has the journal been proofread? If we were to publish the journal right now, will you regret publishing the journal? Are you sure you have proofread the journal and wont contact us to make multiple minor changes?

  • Did you check you have the author or authors’ affiliations in an unnumbered footnote in each article?
  • Did you check the title(s) is(are) in headline case (Important Words are Capitalized) rather than in all CAPS?
  • Did you check the authors’ names against the masthead? Are the names on the masthead spelled correctly?
  • Do you have rights to use that image or figures?


Similar to number #1, have you gone through your proofreading checklist? If not, here is a 12 page checklist.

What to send to us?

When you are certain you are ready to publish, email with:

  • All of the articles in Word format
  • Any images or figures submitted as a separate file with the highest resolution possible
  • Current masthead

If the files are too large for email, please upload the files to UCLA Box and direct us to your journal’s Box folder.