1. Be an officially-registered UCLA student group. Go to the Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement website (http://www.sole.ucla.edu) to learn how.
  2. The journal should be identified with some sort of campus department or research center. Identify a faculty advisor who can help you through this process.
  3. Apply for funding for your journal through the Graduate Students Association (http://pubs.gsa.asucla.ucla.edu/funding). Applications are typically due by January, and there is only one chance per year to apply. Don’t turn your application in late for a better chance at receiving funding.
  4. Identify three people who are willing to act as signatories for the journal. They will be authorized to receive funding and do business on behalf of the journal. All three people can be students.
  5. Identify the purpose of the journal. Is it to present original research or report on research that’s already out there? What kind of materials do you want to publish? Will the journal include book reviews, essays, opinion pieces, and letters to the editor,or is it strictly for research articles? Who will you accept submissions from?
  6. Identify the audience. (Many people forget this important step!) Is the journal for academics or for the general public? Are you trying to disseminate and popularize information, or is the information just for scholars in your eld? Is the journal cross-disciplinary or is the scope very narrow?
  7. Decide on the editorial structure of the journal. How will submissions be reviewed and accepted?
  8. Decide what format the journal is going to be in. Think of the journal’s audience and the best way to reach them. Will it be a traditional print journal, an online journal, or perhaps even a hybrid with printed copies available on demand? If the journal is online, where will it be hosted? (Here is where being sponsored by a department comes in handy. Many online student journals are hosted on a department’s website.) Will you use a content management system or will someone with technical skills need to update the web site? How will the journal be archived?