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The UCLA Women’s Law Journal is an academic legal journal that uses the power of language to educate people and make women’s voices heard. We seek to do so by focusing not only on the common struggles of women, but also on diversity as a strength in feminist legal scholarship. Through diversity, we seek to represent the reality of all women’s lives and experiences, without separating voices into exclusionary categories.

The WLJ was one of the first journals in the country to address issues of gender, race, and sexual orientation. The Journal remains one of the top journals in the field, with hundreds of subscribers around the world.

The WLJ is an entirely student-run law journal. We publish works by professors, practitioners, and students from around the world, who represent all sides of the legal, political, religious, and cultural spectrum. The Journal is published twice a year and is available on Lexis and Westlaw.

The entire backlist of WLJ is now freely available online.

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Current Issue, Volume 20, Issue 1, 2013

Front matterForeword

  • Megan C. Stanton and Cindy Q. Tran


The Case for an Unregulated Private Sperm Donation Market

      • Jacqueline M. Acker

“Can You Hear me Now…Good!” Feminism(s), the Public/Private Divide, and Citizens United v. FEC

      • Ronnie Cohen and Shannon O’Byrne

What is an “Undue Burden”? The Casey Standard as Applied to Informed Consent Provisions

    • Lauren Paulk

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