UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs

The UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs is an interdisciplinary publication promoting scholarship in international law and foreign relations. It publishes articles by leading scholars, practitioners, and other professionals from around the world as well as student comments. Some of JILFA’s issues are topical, focusing on immigration or international gender and race discrimination, and others offer more variety, ranging from conflicting approaches to technological developments, to the international criminal court, to sovereign debt crises.

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Joseph Lopez

Karen Michail Shah

Chief Articles Editors

Danae mcElroy

Amanda Treleaven

Executive Manager

Richard Mo

Chief Managing Editors

Andrea Bird

Mary Prendergast

Chief Production Editors

Jon Miles

Darya Betin

Business Manager

Carol Cho

Symposium Directors

Samuel Ennis

Lidiana Rios

Chief Comments Editor

Seth Korman


David Gotsill

Programs Director

Kelly Charhut

Author Relations Manager

Manisha Munshi

Development Manager

Leah Goodridge


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