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The UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy produces a high quality biannual journal on cutting-edge environmental legal and policy matters. JELP is entirely run and produced by students at UCLA School of Law. Articles in JELP are written by leading scholars throughout the country and often the world, and by students focusing on environmental law at UCLA.

JELP enjoys strong partnerships with the Evan Frankel Environmental Law and Policy Program and the Emmett Center on Climate Change and the Environment, often in the form of publishing special symposia issues of the Journal. Together with the Environmental Law Society, JELP assists in hosting speakers and events that complement the environmental curriculum at UCLA School of Law and fosters the continued growth of the vibrant environmental community at UCLA.

Volume 1, Number 1 of JELP was released in the fall of 1980. The issue presented conference papers from a symposium on the use of economic analysis in the teaching of land use and environmental law, with the first authors including Robert Ellickson, James Krier, Richard Stewart, and A. Dan Tarlock. The founding Editor in Chief wrote in the introduction to that issue, “Our main goal is to confront those environmental problems which are currently before the public, and to provide a variety of opinions and suggested solutions to the problems.” As we work towards each new volume, that initial goal continues to drive the Journal as we seek to publish innovative solutions to the immense challenges confronting our society today.

Most Recent Issue: 31.1 (2013)



Marginalized Monitoring: Adaptively Managing Urban Stormwater

      • Melissa K. Scanlan and Stephanie Tai

Building Bio-based Supply Chains: Theoretical Perspectives on Innovative Contract Design

      • Jody M. Endres, A. Bryan Endres, and Jeremy J. Stoller

Learning How to Fish: Catch Shares and the Future of Fishery Conservation

    • Jonathan H. Adler and Nathaniel Stewart


Agricultural Soil Carbon Sequestration Offset Programs: Strengths, Difficulties, and Suggestions for Their Potential Use in AB 32’s Cap and Trade Program

    • Lauren Bernadett

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