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Started in November of 1989, Issues in Applied Linguistics is a refereed journal managed, edited and published by graduate students of the UCLA Department of Applied Linguistics. The journal is published twice yearly and has established international distribution and a solid reputation in the field of Applied Linguistics.

Our aim is to publish outstanding research from students, faculty, and independent researchers in the broad areas of discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, language acquisition, language analysis, language assessment, language education, language use, and research methodology. We are particularly interested in publishing new departures and cross-disciplinary endeavors in the field of applied linguistics.


Bahiyyih Hardacre, Editor-in-Chief

Ikkyu Choi, Production Editor

Netta Avineri, Book Review Editor

Jinhee Lee, Managing Editor

Soyeon Kim, Treasurer

Current Issue

Volume 18, Issue 2 (2010)



  • Bahiyyih L.Hardacre

Conference Proceedings

Languages, Identities, and Accents: Perspectives from the 2010 Linguistic Diversity Conference

Uju Anya, Netta Avineri, Lauren Carris, & Valeria ValenciaThe Practice of Theory in the Language Classroom

  • Bonny Norton

More than Just a Hammer: Building Linguistic Toolkits

  • Marjorie Orellana, Clifford Lee, and Danny Martinez

Social Issues in Applied Linguistics: Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom and Beyond. Is it Wrong or Just Different? Indigenous Spanish in Mexico

Dora PellicerLooking Within and Beyond: An on-the-Ground Account of Arizona Teachers’ Implementation of the Four-Hour English Language Development Model

  • Karisa Peer and Karla Pérez

Speaking from Experience

  • Olga Yokoyama

Who’s “Unintelligible”? The Perceiver’s Role

  • Stephanie Lindemann

Grammar, Pronunciation, or Something Else? Native Japanese Speakers’ Judgments of “Native-Like” Speech

  • Mayumi Ajioka

Language Assessment as a System: Best Practices, Stakeholders, Models, and Testimonials

  • Netta Avineri, Zsuzsa Londe, Bahiyyih Hardacre, Lauren Carris, Youngsoon So, and Mostafa Majidpour

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Bahiyyih Hardacre

Book Review Editor

Netta Avineri

Managing Editors

Soyeon Kim & Jinhee Lee

Production Editor

Ikkyu Choi


Ni-Eng Lim & Yun Jung Kim



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