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The UCLA Historical Journal is dedicated to promoting excellence in graduate student research and writing. The Journal welcomes submissions from graduate students across the country in all fields of history and related disciplines.

Instituted by UCLA history graduate students in 1980, the Journal’s objectives are two-fold:

  • to allow graduate students the opportunity to publish their work in a scholarly journal and
  • to acquaint graduate students with writings and methodologies from various historical fields which might be relevant to their own interests and pursuits.

As an Open Access e-journal, we are embarking on a new journey. We look forward to your continued support as we carry on this intellectual tradition.

eScholarship Repository: http://escholarship.org/uc/ucla_history_historyjournal

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STAFF, 2017–2018


  • Anna Accettola

Managing Editor

  • Adam Kasarda

Editorial Board

  • Rhiannon Koehler
  • Scottie Buehler
  • Alison Crandall
  • Peter Chesney
  • Tania McBride
  • Xiang Chi
  • Elle Harvell


STAFF, 2012–2013

Editorial Board

  • Susan A.C. Rosenfeld, Editor-in-Chief
  • Grace Ballor, Managing Editor
  • Joshua Herr, Articles Editor

General Editors

  • Samuel Dejohn Anderson
  • Kelly McCormick
  • Carlos Hernandez
  • Brian Kovalesky
  • Pauline Lewis
  • Rebecca Dufendach
  • Lori De Lucia
  • Cal Margulis


Most Recent Issue

Volume 24, 2013

Letter from the Editor


Reproducing Slavery in Nineteenth-Century Rio de Janeiro

      • Cassia Roth

Triumph and Commemoration: Collective Imagination and the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Controversy

Julie M. Powell

The Arch of a Sephardic-Mizrahi Ethnic Autonomy in Palestine,1926 to 1929

Yehuda Sharim

The Iranian Legacy in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution: Military Endurance and U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities

Pouya Alimagham

Parable on Ice: Hockey, Capitalism and American Decadence at the Lake Placid Olympics

Zachary Jonathan Jacobson

Book Reviews

Baki Tezcan, The Second Ottoman Empire: Political and Social Transformations in the Early Modern World

      • Ceren Abi

Robert Thomas Tierney, Tropics of Savagery: The Culture of Japanese Empire in Comparative Frame

Justin Jack Robert Wilson


STAFF, 2011–2012


  • JoAnna Wall


  • Rebecca Dufendach
  • Kristen Hillarie Glasgow
  • Brian Kovalesky
  • Susan Rosenfeld
  • Fernando Serrano Jr.



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