bozalta: arts, activism, scholarship

bozalta (del adj. voz alta y el adv. bozal) 1. Am.Falta de ortografía satírica que expresa la dualidad existencial de hablar en “voz alta,” donde a su vez el sujeto parlante es consciente de su misma opresión.

bozalta is an online publication that brings artists, activists, and scholars together in a collaborative space where anti-colonial ways of knowing and innovative forms of knowledge production are shared as image, sound, and text.

bozalta is a location from which to speak up and speak out, a space where muzzles are removed, and untamed, wild work is given place and prominence.

bozalta features works that move fluidly across borders and in the languages of the Americas, towards social justice.

bozalta aims to cultivate conversation across disciplines, from within, beyond, and between the traditionally disjointed spheres of academia, arts, and activism.

we are excited to participate in this exchange by showcasing critically-engaged and community-focused works that challenge us to think in new ways.