The deadline for 2016-2017 applications has been extended to March 3. Funds will be allocated shortly thereafter. Journals will have use of the funds until July 2018, when the allocation will expire and funds will be returned to the general GSA fund for redistribution.

The completed application should be submitted as an attachment via email to the Director of GSA Publications (

All applicants must submit a completed form, but journals should feel free to offer supplements to the form if they feel that the document does not adequately capture their situation. The application is also meant to function as a budget and planning worksheet to help publications determine their needs and convey those to GSA in an orderly way since requests for funding usually exceed resources by 40% .

Funding Application Form

The updated application for the 2016-2017 is now available for download.

2016-2017 GSA Publications Funding Application

Please download the form to complete it, and remember to save your form before sending it to the Director of Publications. Please include part of your journal name in the filename.

sample of a completed form can be downloaded here.  The current application is an updated version of the 2012-2013 document.


Lulu Manufacturing Cost Calculator: Note that only “standard” grade paper publications are eligible for global distribution. Please select from among the trim sizes available through the calculator.

Media Studio Xerox Impression Costs (does not include cost of paper):

  • Black and white: $0.009 per impression
  • Color: $0.0642 per impression

Revised Guidelines for GSA Publications Funding were adopted by the GSA Forum on October 14, 2009.

Acknowledgment of GSA Publications Funding: Journals receiving funding from GSA Publications are REQUIRED to acknowledge GSA Publications as a funding source in each version of the publication receiving funding. The following logos are available for journals’ use:

GSA Publications Funding Logo 1

GSA Publications Funding Logo 2

Copies for the GSA Publications archive : Journals receiving funding are REQUIRED to deposit two (2) copies of each published version of the publication (for example, print and digital) with the Director of Publications. Online journals are urged to contact the Director of Publications to determine the most appropriate deposit format.

GSA Media Studio

The GSA Media Studio, 138 and 138A Kerckhoff is available to all GSA-supported journals as a space for production work and meetings, including group Skype training sessions (see New German Review‘s training Powerpoint , equipped with Apple computers, Adobe production software, and an advanced Xerox multi-function device capable of printing large format materials and booklets. Editors are encouraged to use the space as a place where they can meet editors from other journals and take advantage of occasional visits from collaborators such as eScholarship and regular expert series such as our Lunch & Librarians program with UCLA librarians Angela Riggio and our Date with Deb meetings with Debra Simmons of Student Government Accounting.

Student Government Accounting

All funding provided to GSA Publications-supported journals must be accessed via requisitions requiring the signature of a registered signatory of the journal student group (see below), the signature of the Director of Publications, and the signature of one or two elected officers in order to be processed. All requisitions must be accompanied by complete documentation. Forms are available in the GSA Media Studio (138 Kerckhoff) and in the main GSA office (316 Kerckhoff). For more information on SGA procedures, visit: .

Note that Student Government Accounting provides weekly financial reports, but due to the extended audit period in the Fall quarter, these accounts may not reflect actual current balances. Journals are expected to keep track of their own expenditures.